Staying Motivated Throughout Autumn and Winter!

So, summer is almost at an end. We’ve had some great weather in the UK and I always find people are generally more motivated in Summer with the lighter mornings/nights and warmer weather. Now Autumn is nearly here and you can feel already it is getting colder and the nights are drawing in! But! This doesn’t mean that training should be any less important than it has been throughout the summer months. So, how do you keep the motivation you had now that your holidays are over? Well there is a saying ‘Summer bodies are built in winter’ and that couldn’t be more true. Put the hard work in now and you’ll be looking even better come next summer. Set your self goals that will give you something to aim for with your training - this might be to maintain your current weight / shape so that you’re keeping your body fat low but not necessarily losing anything. Or maybe you’d like to increase your muscle mass now you’re not having to be in shape for a competition or a holiday. If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself then why not book a photo shoot to give you something to get into shape for? When setting goals always use the SMART way of doing so: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timed. This could be that you’d like to lose 5% of body fat for a photo shoot you have in 14 weeks. You’re currently 200lbs and 12% BF so the total weight loss is approximately 10lbs which is a specific goal. 

It’s measured by scales and bodyfat callipers and progress pictures, so if you lose around 1lb every week that will have you ready well in time so it’s achievable.

It’s relevant as you need to be around 7% bf for your shoot and you’re currently 12% which is a drop of 10lbs at a weight of 200lbs. Your time limit is 14 weeks so it is timely as well. So there you have a good example or setting a SMART goal and how to go about it. Now all you need is a plan and get to work on smashing these goals! Or you need help with your reaching your goals then get in touch!